Best new sending love and light quotes.

This post we are going to share the best : Best new sending love and light quotes.

Injuring me he asked
will you love me again
Blood and blood was my heart
The lips said

take us away from our chest
Let us be only yours, force us so much

it’s comforting when talking to them
That’s one night in a thousand nights
When they look at me
That moment is the whole thing for me

Best new sending love quotes.

that moment you call a dream
I feel like having you

She came out of the house in a veil
The whole street turned out for him
He used to deny our love
And our own picture came out of his book

There is a strange desperation without you
stays and doesn’t stay

Let me hide you in my arms like this
that the wind should also ask permission to pass
get drunk like this in your love
that even the senses ask permission to come

don’t look at me so much
To rebel for your love
I don’t drink so much of Ishq-e-Jam
I become addicted to the poison of love

Best new sending love and light quotes

Don’t know what this heart is doing
decided without asking me
Even a broken star does not fall on this earth
And this madman fell in love with the moon

Whom do we trust
who will come to celebrate us
May be, you may feel pity
But where did the heart come from to get angry with you?

There is no jutju now in this heart a sanam
my first and last wish is just you

Laughs will remain incomplete without you
life wouldn’t be complete without you
Now this distance does not go right
Your support is very important to live

sending love and light quotes.

We don’t know how to change like the weather
I wait for you in every moment
You will not understand that till the doomsday
we love you so much

don’t raise the waves in the ocean of heart
Don’t steal sleep by being a dream
my heart hurts a lot
You don’t torment you by coming in dreams

I can make a picture of you without seeing you
I can tell you without meeting you
There is so much power in my friendship
I can drop the tears from your eyes

What can I say that touches your heart
To whom should I pray that you become mine
You don’t have to be yours, my vow is to be mine
What should I do so that this wish may come true?

come quietly and get down in this heart
My fragrance in my breath gets scattered
Something like this has happened, the magic of your love
You only see you while you sleep

having someone in life is enough
one’s hand is enough
far or near doesn’t matter
Just the feeling of love is enough

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