Deep Qoutes about Being Hurt and Qoutes Being Stronger Being Hurt.

This post we are going to share the best : Deep Qoutes about Being Hurt and Qoutes Being Stronger Being Hurt.

Herf-harf was so full of pranks,
Your last letter was not even eaten by termites.

What was his admiration even in Tehzeeb?
If you paid salt, then sprinkle it on the wounds.

That’s all we have learned, friends.
There is never an edge in Rah-e-Wafa,
Whoever gets on this path from a friend,
That wound will never heal again.

I’m sure that’s what love is called,
So that the wound remains fresh and the scar should be gone.

Go and find some confiscated world,
O love, we are no longer worthy of you.

Get ready for a new wound, O heart,
Some people are being treated with love.

Qoutes about being stronger by being hurt

Deep qoutes about being hurt

How many sorrows have we hid even after suffering?
We shed tears every day for your sake,
Where you left us alone in the way,
We have hidden your wounds from everyone.

He didn’t get hurt… no alcohol helped…
Neither did he come back nor did love happen again.

Come and see how we lived for your sake,
The wounds that you gave us, we kept on stitching with the thread of tears.

You have made my condition like this, Sanam,
I will not be able to show the wounds of the heart to anyone,
I have made a promise to you only then I am compelled
That’s why I can’t erase myself.

If you have been given wounds, do not bother about the ointment
Leave something to my caste as your favor.

The wound that you gave was very deep,
By promising you made us forget,
Thank you from your heart for giving pain,
Which you taught the meaning of life.

Deep qoutes about being hurt

In the example of love, I will only say this.
Unmatched punishment for an innocent.

Qoutes about being stronger by being hurt

We ate millions of wounds in love,
Sorry they don’t care about us,
Don’t ask what goes on my heart,
When he says we don’t love you.

What do you smile at my wounds filled with salt?
Look at my wounds, smiling is called this.

with great care
We have kept green
who wants that
Heal any wounds given by him.

The pride of not meeting you, the pain of not meeting you,
As time passes, the wounds will also heal.

I take her face off my heart,
Sometimes I kill myself too.

The talk was high, but the talk was low,
The worth of my emotion was a little low,
He kept insulting me by calling me an angel.
I am human, my caste is a little low.

From tearful eyes came out of the heart,
Whenever I remember Sitamgar.

Deep qoutes about being hurt Qoutes about being stronger by being hurt

That one thing was very strong, he said,
Don’t remember the point, don’t remember his tone.

Don’t bother to come back
We don’t do the same love twice.

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