New best emotional rollercoaster quotes : feeling emotional quotes

This post we are going to share the best : New best emotional rollercoaster quotes in english 2021.

“Don’t know why some strong relationships break so easily”

“The tears that don’t fall from my eyes,
He wreaks havoc inside.”

“Don’t bow down to anyone so much that people think you’ve fallen

“If the prayer is not accepted, then people also change God,
We are just mere human beings.”

“Those who can’t understand you will never understand your pain”

“What is the price,
We were among those sold to him.”

New best emotional rollercoaster quotes

“Hold it very firmly,
Don’t know how the cord of the relationship was left.

“Sometimes I think,
Don’t ever think about him again.”

“Whoever leans the most,
The greatest is his stature.”

“He who is calm in every circumstance,
He is the most powerful”

“Those people are often present for everyone,
Who knows what loneliness is”

“You gave me a chance,
Then someone cheated on you”

New best emotional rollercoaster quotes

“Some accidents don’t kill but make you brave”

“The seller of the country writes the law here,
And by stealing some innocent bread, he became a thief.

“Respect is a very expensive thing,
You can’t expect most of him”

“Alive is he who has the passion to live life”

“The poorest are the strongest in the world,
because they have nothing to lose”

“Never give up on yourself,
If not today, tomorrow will be in your hands.”

“Those who worry about bad looks,
We were a mirror and will remain a mirror.

New best emotional rollercoaster quotes

“Understand yourself maybe then
No one else has to understand”

“This river is also like you,
was alive then did not let him swim and
Don’t let it drown when you die

“Thousands are found crying for the person who dies,
There is no one to understand a living person.”

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

“Sometimes the pages fell short, sometimes the ink dried up,
In this way my story remained incomplete.

“one who appreciates you
start appreciating her
Life will get easier”

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