Best new good night family and friends quotes in English.

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Now what is the use of thunder or rain?
That man only when he did not stay his own
Which was swallowed up for fear of lightning.

Caste is born,
But sanskar is found only in religion.

I like the evening rest there
Where someone meets us while waiting
It doesn’t have to be beautiful for anyone
Being beautiful is necessary

If the person’s intentions are firm
He faced every difficulty
Can achieve attention

Best new good night family and friends quotes in English

Work will last a lifetime
Just this life in someone’s work
There is a lot if it happens

A lover told his girlfriend that it was for him
Can even go to hell.
Then the two got married,
Now good night in lover hell

Forget it and forget it
All this is the work of the brain
You live in the heart
Don’t worry

Oh my God, where do I say that
That give me good fruit of my deeds.
The request is my bus atleast that
Give me so much strength to do good deeds.

Good things can never be said in vulgar language,
Even if we assume weak or bad things
Can be presented in polite language.

Enemies killed
Success is called Shatrughan,
And to someone in whose mind
The price of hostility does not arise
He is called Ajatashatru.

Devotion does not happen without faith.
Without devotion God does not melt
And even in a living dream without the grace of God
Does not achieve peace.

Good night family and friends quotes in English

What’s wrong with a person is that we don’t like it
Better a poor horse than no horse at all
What is good in that person
And what is beneficial for us
That should be taken into consideration.

The off clock also shows the correct time twice a day
So don’t consider any mind useless
Because the time of the mind, not the mind, is bad.

With the changing seasons
The situation also changes.
Sometimes friends, sometimes
Their feelings change.

Both are partners in this crime,
When I met you
Smile gave you too.

Best new good night family and friends quotes in English

Wisdom came to advise,
Love kicked and ran away.

There is just as much difference between mind and heart
As much as in the inbox and phonebook,
There are thousands in the phonebook,
But the inbox only has its own.

Good night… Good dream… !!
Milan has many dreams,
But I roll with your memories,
Seeing your face in the distant moon,
I pour out the kalash of emotions. !!

Family and friends quotes funny

His thoughts are so ingrained in his mind,
Whale’s ships are anchored in the yard.
The mist of dreamy memories,
It is a shock when it is getting more and more .. !!
Good night… Good dream… !!

Sometimes the true thing is not God’s leave,
Saying no is not always a punishment,
Maybe the dictionary is falling apart.
Else, if you speak, I understand, it’s not fun.
Good night Good dream!

Life is like a 52 card
What cards will come in your hand
It’s a matter of luck
But how to play is your habit
Good night good night

Best new good night family and friends quotes in English

Good night
At some point in life
It should be understood that
Some people
Can live in your heart,
But also yours
Not in life
Good dream

Even dreams are so deceptive,
Amy is so jealous,
Everything seems deserted after opening,
It is beautiful with closed eyes.
good night! Good dream !?

Short friendship Best new good night family and friends quotes in English

Emotion in an arranged rhythm
So the ghazal resounded in Suralaya.
Good night good night

Learn to fight against circumstances .;
Learn to drink tears and smile.
If you live in the world, do not be afraid of the world.
The world is an ocean
Learn to swim in this sea… !!
Good night… Jai Shri Krishna!

Kya hak thi kahu prabhu,
You like me
I like incense sticks !!
Good night… Jai Shri Krishna! ..

Everything else in the dictionary
The meaning of the words can be found
But also the meaning of life
Living life
And the meaning of the relationship
Only by maintaining a relationship
Have to find.
good night!

good night family and friends quotes

A moment of misunderstanding
There are so many POWERFUL that,
You spent together
Forgets hundreds of moments of joy
❤Good night friends

💋good night! Good dream!
It is like correcting one’s own mistake
It is like forgetting another’s mistake
Admittedly so many human beings do
So the flower of happiness grows in the heart every day.

Man Madari Man Madari Man Madari ..
My mind wanders in Kundala ..
O Most Merciful God! You save me
good night

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