Heart touching true love quotes and Real true love quotes

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Listen to all this if you are not present
It seems to me that light is darkness
I feel like a lot of people are lonely

You feel like taking this to heart
I feel like drowning in such beautiful flowers
With your help we forgot the pub
Because even in the pub, your face is visible

Relax when talking to them
Consider millions of nights when it comes to one night
When M’s eyes come to see me
For me, that one moment becomes my whole life

Heart touching true love quotes and Real true love quotes

I can’t tell you what your place is in my life
I can’t show you your place in the heart
Some relationships are very precious
I can’t explain anything more than this

Whether you like it or not, you are my love forever
This heart immersed in love will always be ours
Happiness meets you and all sorrow meets me
Only your face will always be in the eyes

Heart touching true love quotes

Your love is my story
And this story is kind of this time
Nothing is known about our death
But our life is crazy just for you

Love her memories
Every birth is ready to die for him
When you meet on the road
So let them know that we are still waiting for them

Nothing higher than the sky
Nothing deeper than the ocean
So many love me
But no one is more loving than you

When the eyes meet the eyes
At every turn, only you are waiting
The heart cries and the wound laughs
Maybe this is called love

You never know when you’ll get eye to eye
I don’t know when our life started laughing
I could never see you and say anything
But it was all through those eyes

From the lips that we can not say
That may be what we call it with our eyes
In the hope that today we should wait for the night
Maybe meet you in a dream

There is beauty in every moment today
In my heart I have only the reality of your face
No matter what he says, the world doesn’t care about me
Because I need you more than this world

I will remain in your heart as a memory
I will come to your lips with a smile
Never consider us separate from ourselves
Because we will walk with you as the sky

Whatever it is, say it once in your heart
Bring the feeling to your lips and see
Everything will be found in an instant
Just say love once and see

If there was a shop of happiness
And there was little to our acquaintance
I would throw all the happiness in your lap
Even if it cost me my life

Real true love quotes

No we were not saying anything
No, he was saying nothing
The buses were just looking at each other

When someone starts liking whom
When a stranger becomes known
Love is not always something special
Sometimes even flaws lead to love

Who says we would die without them
We are the sea descending into the sea
He will yearn for a drop of love
And we are a cloud, we will rain on someone else

Gul Gai Gulshan Gai,
The redness of the lips, now leave me to chase,
You’re done with babies now

Heart touching true love quotes

Don’t choose without understanding,
Don’t lose anyone in the sense of not giving,
Anger is in the word, not in the heart.
Don’t put a full stop on the relationship.

There is a wait in the crying eyes
Even though there is no desire, there is love for them
Why do we have nightmares?
There is a wait for completion even after its breakdown

If love finds such a person
Not with whom to spend life
It is possible to find a person without whom

What a test that unfaithfulness will be for us
If you meet eye to eye, it will catch your eye
Don’t let it light on my grave
He is a fool, he will burn his hand

Heart touching true love quotes and Real true love quotes

We have forgotten everything in his memories
Chirag We are sitting with the extinguisher of happiness
In their arms whether we die or not
We are sitting with death on such a condition

If your eyes wake up, it becomes a prayer
Her eyes narrowed and she became shy
If it woke up again, it became a manure
After getting up and bending down, it became an issue

best Heart touching true love quotes

I wish my life had such an end,
That he has a house on my grave,
Every now and then on the ground
May his haiyu be above my haiyan

Your fault is our weakness
I can’t say it’s my compulsion
Why don’t you understand our feelings
What is needed is to give words to emotions

I am sitting alone in your memories
Without you, I would have lost the smile on my face
Let there be no darkness in your world
That is why I am burning my haiyu for light

There is no pearl like it in the whole ocean
There is no such consciousness within me
If it is written in destiny, you have to meet God
Give me something that is not in my destiny

Heart touching true love quotes and Real true love quotes

What a life without love
❤What a love that has no memories
What are the memories in which you are not and
That’s what you’re not with

Remembered this old story again,
Such a flying fairy had a childhood

Sometimes it looks like a rose
Sometimes it feels shabby
These eyes of yours seem like a dream to me
Whether I drink or not, I only eat sticks,
Why the air in your street makes me feel drunk

Heart touching true love quotes and Real true love quotes

Tell the moon to stop shining
Tell the wires to leave the team
You don’t come to meet me anymore
So tell your memory to stop bothering me

When talking with calm eyes
That’s when love begins
We are lost in your thoughts
I don’t know when day or night happens

new love quotes and Real true love quotes

The world of stone does not understand emotion
I don’t understand what’s in my heart
Tanha is on the moon among the stars
But this pain of the moon is not understood that night

You will come down in my existence
I live, you look in the mirror
Time is running out for you
Just now this life will pass by watching you

Heart touching true love quotes

The scent of yours makes me cringe
Show me your words
It seems so often
Now I remember you before every breath

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