I love lucy quotes and Loving someone who doesnt love you quotes.

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Even if there are millions of sorrows in life, smile
If someone assumes millions of rupees, stumble and stumble
But if someone truly loves, live for the rest of your life.

The world does not forgive those who love,
No one does justice to it,
People even call love a sin
Who is there who does not commit this sin?

I love lucy quotes and Loving someone who doesnt love you quotes.

It is not necessary to bring every word of the heart to the lips,
Sometimes being silent in someone’s memory is also called love …

I love lucy quotes

❤I want to get so close to you that …
I don’t know what your breath is or my breath …

Love always happens by experiencing nature,
Seeing the face is the only choice ….

The rose in the book of the heart was,
It was a dream in the middle of the night …
How much love will i do when i ask
So I will go without you, Zunuz was his …

Stealing the heart is my rule ….
Let’s see how much breath there is in your “na” now ….

I have been doing this for years ….
Let me tell you once I like you ….

I can hear it anyway,
But you are the only one who can hear me …..

Sometimes if I don’t understand, you say,
And sometimes you can’t understand what I can’t say

Where love is measured in words …
It becomes so much love, it just rises in the eye ….

The sea feels like I have enough water ….
How does he know that the love given by these rivers is borrowed ….

i love you because quotes

One day a man asked God that
What is the difference between my love and your love ….?
God said …..
It is my love to have a bird in the air …
And being in a cage is your love …

I have no right to your love,
But my heart says …
I will wait for you till my last breath ….

Suddenly he asked me how much he loves …?
So I also said that I know how to love but I don’t measure …

Just the same feeling when he hugged me ….
As if my world was wrapped in her body …..

Love can’t be done with anyone like this,
Have to forget your identity …
To make someone else your own ….

I love lucy quotes and Loving someone who doesnt love you quotes.

Palaces are needed,
Just to stay …. to settle down
So one corner of a loving heart like someone’s khoba is enough ….

Come and be a lifelong companion,
We don’t like two-moment visitors …..

It is not easy to tell with the eyes,
And silence is not the answer …
Kahi do dil kholi ne hruday ni vaat,
Because there is no other diagnosis of love ….

Love means:
You are not what I want …
Also ….
I will be what you need ….

When the flying braid touches your period,
Your oath falls naturally there ….

I wish there was a night in life,
Time also stops there seeing us both together ….
I keep quiet, you keep quiet too,
Nature also bends our love …..

That day is special to me,
May your love and I fast in Faral …..

Loving someone who doesnt love you quotes.

If you were the same yesterday, you are the same today …
My feeling was you and you are my request to God …..

I never praise my girlfriend,
To describe it in just two words is called shire ….

There are no marks in the exam of life ….
If someone remembers you from the heart, understand that you have passed ….

One such evening will come ……
Remember to come there ….

It doesn’t matter if I have a password in my phone,
I love to write your name just a little bit …..

Just be you, what is a special life than that …?

What if you close your eyes and see …?
Is it dark …?
Just my life is the same without you ……

Good words in love are the same,
The unspoken and the unwritten …

If you remember, remember,
Let’s shout when it comes to work …
I’m used to remembering you,
Sorry for the hiccups …

The love affair is more than faith
Are based on mutual understanding ….

I love lucy quotes and Loving someone who doesnt love you quotes.

Can’t that happen? …
I want love and you hug me and say … “What else” …?

Neither do i love heroin
Neither do I die on fairies ….
I’m a lad,
I love an innocent girl …..

❤I know it’s a sin, but I do it again and again,
I love your memories again and again …

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