It’s a wonderful life quotes and Life is strange quotes, on life lessons

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Often because of your own happiness,
People make their own dreams happy.”

“Whoever has written my destiny has written incomplete,
Nowadays I am engaged in fulfilling the same.

“To live in this world on my own accord,
Don’t know how many have to apply.”

“Everyone picks up the money that has fallen,
I don’t know when these people will raise their faith.

It’s a wonderful life quotes and Life is strange quotes

“At the age of playing, I learned to work
It seems that the skill of living life has been learned.

“Life is like a book,
Says everything even if you remain silent.

“Nowadays I’m walking on the paths shown by life”

“Have some hope, have some courage,
Have your own way of life”

It’s a wonderful life quotes

“I think with the pen of hard work,
Rewrite the story of life

This world is its own addict,
There are so many stories in this life.

“He who keeps himself simple,
That’s what’s best”

Your life, your dream
It is his responsibility to fulfill it.

The moon has not come out yet, let it be a little evening.
I myself will come back, let me be a little first.

Life is strange quotes

I am ordinary, she is special.
I know, that is my court.

When I was alone, I used to ask for you,
You got and understood the value of living together.

This is not a world but a business,
And I will be its best trader.

I am not lost in the paths,
What’s the rush,
I have just left the house.

It’s a wonderful life quotes

I’m looking for an excuse to meet
To turn friendship into relationship.

Everyone is unconscious in some way or the other,
We are silent thinking all this.

I don’t have the courage to commit suicide
Just waiting for the accident to happen.

What if you can learn something from our character?
If I can change someone’s life then what is the matter?

Some are just looking for a way to meet themselves.
Looking for an excuse to leave this life.

I want to be successful in life’s test,
Everyone is successful in school and college.

quotes about life and love

“Your choice determines your destination”

You are not right but your memories should be there,
in this city of yours,
There should be some place for the poor also.

Got your eyes
So why take someone else’s view?

“Begging someone,
But not in love with man.

“One must have an accident in life,
Till date no one has learned from mere words.

Humans are the most jealous only with the people they like

It’s a wonderful life quotes and Life is strange quotes

Something has to end in life,
to start something new

understand someone or not,
but don’t misunderstand anyone

better person is used more here

Nothing in life is one sided.

Don’t learn life too much,
give some support now

In this world if the intentions are clear,
So understand that it is against.

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