Quotes on winning attitude and Facebook cover photos quotes attitude

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I don’t care how long I live.
❤I will live as long as I can. I will live with my self-esteem.

Time will tell how precious we were

If you give me love, I will give you life too.
The rest of the mustache does not keep the lips from shading.

Understand that if the opponents increase with age, sir
Coins still fall.

All acquaintances do not run in the name of father and grandfather,
Some identities must also have their own name.

Quotes on winning attitude

Listen to yourself
So even today I am stubborn,
If someone else had heard
When would have been broken

Quotes on winning attitude

Poch to bau moti hai wala
But pretending is not our habit

Ma baap ni kariye wala
If for the rest of the world
Kaley was King and
We are still King today.

Life is so bad
Now even the festivals come on Sundays.

Many people in this world just
One is made for the other,
Like i

Not “money” or “dollars”,
Also, the glory of friends like you,
The collar is high.

That’s all there is to it, sir
Even if it hurts
The hand goes to the weapon.

I am not fond of posting photos, sir.
But now my enemies know that
Brother is still in the market !!

It is not our nature to set fires
But sir
People get burned by seeing our personality
What is our fault in this !!

Facebook cover photos quotes attitude

If you want to be famous, my dear
You have to be infamous in the eyes of the world.

Quotes on winning attitude and Facebook cover photos quotes attitude

Daddy, you are worthless,
Dosto ke tu nayak ne,
Enemies that you are a villain,
And girls that are you
Deserves only for me.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.
If it were good, this world would not let us live.

Mustache, knife, dagger in hand
Promise polite, full support, even if death comes, Bapu,
But Revu Katma, to live is Vatma.

The name should be Vala
That the enemy also says ,,,
“Yeah, who doesn’t know that?”

Trust me I am even hotter than the sun.

Haq thi aap to tari nafrat pan kabool che,
Not even your love in begging.

Our habit is not bad,
Just hobbies high,
Naytar koi sapna ni pan atli okat nathi,
That which we want and it is not fulfilled.

People come and go in the blood group
Also comes my blood group mothers Attitude.

I used to be a hooligan.
But the girl made him a hero.

The Taj Mahal is nothing special for you,
Because Mumtaz here changes every day.

I believe there is no such thing as a king in me,
But no king has the ability to be like me

Fear grows not from the weapon but from the brain,
And the brain is bad from our childhood

As proud as Taru
That’s all I have respect for.

We have not changed,
Just love to be quiet now

If naive boys like us
If grandfathering has started,
Who will save these beautiful girls

If love will come from the front ..
Friends become mad in love, not beggars

Quotes on winning attitude and Facebook cover photos quotes attitude

I said, ‘You are mine.’
So he said, ‘Show me the document!
We stayed Mozilla, what did you say?
Illegal possession is ….

best new Facebook cover photos quotes attitude

Forgive me
Because now I love you
Can’t forgive

In whose eyes i’m not good
I think he
Eye donation should be done

Fight as long as there is a little hope in the heart,
Have a large cannon in front of you

You can only slander me
The rest is up to you

Don’t love me
I am fire
You will be reduced to ashes

I won’t block you
But I will show you what you need
That’s what he lost

I know everything but keep quiet,
No one for their own means
I want to see how far it goes

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